We Can Make Your Pain a Thing of the Past

Is acute or chronic pain interfering with your daily life? Do you need help recovering from back pain, joint or muscle pain, or an injury sustained in a car accident, a fall, or a sport or activity? Whatever condition you are dealing with, our New You Health and Wellness is here to help.

Our practitioners are experts in movement, pain science and functional medicine. To assist our patients, we provide a variety of non-invasive, natural, and safe modalities and techniques. No Injections, avoid surgery, and no medications (but we can work around those you are already taking). Our goal is not only to treat your pain symptoms but also to identify the source of your pain and resolve it once and for all through our holistic program. You are not just your joints, but the body is a complex combination of integrated systems that directly and indirectly influence each other. We take ALL of that into consideration to create a treatment plan to help you.

We encourage you to contact New You Health and Wellness right away to make an appointment with one of our physical therapists. And in the meantime, read on to learn about the five ways working with us can help you reclaim your active, normal lifestyle!

1. You’ll unlock a personalized treatment plan

Choosing New You means that your plan of care and recovery will be completely tailored to your specific needs. The primary goals of any care plan are to address a patient’s physical goals, identify and treat the source of pain, maximize the patient’s ability to function independently, and prepare them for long-term success.

These outcomes are achievable through the use of the following techniques:

  • True shockwave therapy: there are a lot of clinics saying they have shockwave therapy that actually don’t have true shockwave. At New You Health and Wellness with have TRUE electrohydraulic shockwave therapy with an applicator that has both focused and unfocused effects. Softwave TRT is the only machine that has this capability. This type of shockwave therapy (Softwave) has the most energy so it penetrates deeper than any other modality and therefore gets to the source of pain whether it’s superficial or deep in the joint. No other shockwave devices are able to penetrate as deep, cover as much area and provide relief as fast.
  • Therapeutic exercises: a specific program for your issue, not just a cookie cutter handout that everyone else gets. Everyone is different and that means everyone’s program should be specific to how what their body needs.
  • Manual therapy, such as joint mobilizations and soft tissue mobilization. This isn’t your ordinary massage. We find the spots that need to be released in order to unlock your full movement potential.

Your practitioner will perform a thorough examination and review your medical history. After that, you’ll be given an individualized treatment plan, and the healing process will begin! Your plan will be tailored to your specific requirements and ideal way of life. The plan’s success is dependent on your feedback throughout the treatment process, giving you more control over your recovery.

2. Our program is a safer option than opioids

Our Softwave device has been associated with 60% lower opioid use after surgery.

Our country’s current opioid abuse epidemic suggests that these potentially dangerous drugs are frequently overprescribed. According to the National Institute of Health, “Opioid pain relievers can be effective in treatment for relieving pain. However, regular use can lead to dependence, and misuse of opioid pain relievers can lead to addiction, overdose incidents, and even death.” If it’s your goal, we can help you find alternatives to medication with the support of your primary care provider.

Our treatment modalities are also “evidence-based,” which means they have been tested in scientific research studies to ensure that they are effective and safe. Again, this demonstrates that there is little to no risk in beginning your treatment. We typically treat those who have been to many other clinics and New You Health and Wellness is often their last stop since most go on to getting back to their active lifestyle.

3. There are no harmful side-effects

Our techniques require less downtime, are adaptable, and are safe for people of all ages. Our services, as opposed to medications and invasive procedures, have a very low risk of side effects while remaining highly effective for reducing soreness, inflammation, pain, and swelling. Surgery, injections and pain meds unfortunately have significant negative side effects, so why not avoid them if you can?

4. We strive to identify the source of your pain

The ultimate goal of your practitioner is to identify and resolve the underlying issues that are causing your pain. These issues are contributing to your chronic pain and if unidentified or left untreated the pain either won’t get better or it will come right back. We find the underlying cause so you can have control over your situation and significantly decrease or eliminate your pain.

Scar tissue, range of motion limitations, tight muscles, impaired body mechanics, mobility issues, and poor posture are all common underlying condition factors. We also look at the your whole system including how the gut or hormones are impacting joint pain.

If these issues are not addressed, your pain relief will be temporary at best.

Your New You practitioner can address the symptoms and causes of your condition and get you back on track to living a healthy, active lifestyle.

5. We will help you improve your functional mobility, capacity, and performance

Our team can treat your injury and assess any underlying conditions to help you avoid injury and pain in the future.

Our programs can also help you improve your core stability, endurance, coordination, agility, and other physical skills that will help you perform better in your activities.

This is critical for people who are very active or involved in athletics, as well as those middle age and up who are attempting to avoid age-related health problems.

Are you ready to break free from pain? Contact New You Health and Wellness today!

Are you ready to find long-term relief and stop putting up with constant discomfort and pain? Call us today to make an appointment with one of our practitioners. Ask about our free 15 minute consultation or low cost trials. 414 299 8121

You don’t have to deal with your pain alone! Contact us today to start your recovery journey.

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