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Our FDA approved technology for addressing pain is like no other.  It’s ability to support the body’s own innate healing process has been shown through study after study where inflammation was decreased, chronic or acute pain relieved, and return to function faster was demonstrated.  This technology is not the only facet of your care, albeit it can be an important facet and get you back to feeling better faster.

This technology is called Softwave and is the premiere Shockwave device on the market, far surpassing its competitors when it comes to outcomes.  There is A LOT of incorrect misinformation about Shockwave therapy for therapeutic benefits on the internet so give us a call at 414-299-8121 and we can clear up any confusion.

The genesis of New You Health and Wellness happened as a result of seeing the industry of physical therapy move toward a retail instead of a healthcare model with practitioners seeing 14-20 patients a day and spending little time with them.  In larger chains patients often don’t spend much time with their physical therapist and often have little hands on work.  They end up with a sheet of paper with a few exercises without much feedback about how they can get better and stay that way.  At New You Health and Wellness any practitioner that we have as a part of our system will be experienced and spend one on one time with you.  

Their areas of expertise include manual therapy, in-depth knowledge of our advanced technology, extensive knowledge and experience treating joint or muscle pain, pelvic health and sexual health.  We use evidenced based approaches related to wellness and even less than optimal hormone balance both of which can impact your progress in the short and long term.  You will feel that our holistic approach helps you get better faster while giving you the tools to achieve your health goals. We have an advisory committee that includes a holistic pharmacist and registered dietician that helps us assess your situation in depth and get you back to yourself or helps you create a whole New You!

Our holistic approach includes a full assessment of your biomechanics and the expertise from our practitioners allows us to use a functional medicine approach along with a biomechanical approach to your treatment plan.  What this means is we know you are not your pain, you are not your issue AND many variables can be contributing to the problem you are experiencing.  Our practitioners are trained to find variables that could be keep you stuck, preventing your progress and are not typically addressed.  We dig deeper by assessing your eating plan for contributors to inflammation and when necessary such as with sexual health and at times pelvic health, working with your physician and assessing your hormone levels to determine any involvement is many times key to your success.  Supplementation may be recommended if there is evidence to support your progress, decrease pain, or help to modulate inflammation.  We want to be the last place you ever have to go for your issue.

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