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What Areas Do We Treat for Muscle and Joint Pain?

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Addressing your musculoskeletal pain

Pain in muscles and joints is not only annoying it’s depressing, especially when it limits you from doing what you enjoy.  Whether that is playing with your kids, working out, playing your favorite instrument or being a weekend warrior our goal is to get you back to where you want to be as soon as possible. 

Our thorough evaluation, decades of experience with manual therapy, holistic approach and our advanced Softwave technology has gotten men and women with issues just like yours back to functioning at the level you want to be. 

softwave plantar fascitis

Chronic Pain: It's So Frustrating When You Can't Find Answers

Have you been to different medical professionals that have told you surgery is your only option?

Have you been told there is nothing else that can be done to relieve your muscle or joint pain?

Are you looking for another option that doesn’t require surgery or more medication?

We specialize in a holistic approach where we combine manual skills, advanced technology and a holistic approach based on proven wellness approaches to give you the best results possible.  We guarantee you haven’t been on a program like this before.  And if you are like many who are willing to participate in your healing process, then we are what you have been looking for.

What Does Our Treatment Include:

It is important to have a comprehensive holistic approach to chronic joint pain to help ensure any and all variables are investigated, addressed, or ruled out. You may have been told you have had all the tests or there is nothing else to try, it’s bone on bone or there is nothing else that can be done, but our practitioners at New You Health and Wellness are trained in a holistic approach to help you find solutions. We work for you, not your insurance company.

  • Physical therapy: Specially trained physical therapists can perform advanced treatment to the joints and muscles to relieve pain, decrease inflammation and regain function to get you back to what you love to do.
  • Holistic/Functional Medicine Approach: Often times life style factors can contribute to or exacerbate joint or muscle pain. At New You Health and wellness we evaluate these and come up with an easy to follow plan to address these factors to help you feel better, faster and for longer.
  • Advanced technology: Your practitioner will use evidence based approaches to address your issue and advanced technology that has been FDA approved for pain reduction which results oftentimes from decreased inflammation and improved healing.
  • If no known cause of pain has been diagnosed our comprehensive evaluation including a bio-mechanical analysis will help narrow down potential areas that can be addressed to overcome the pain and improve function.
  • At New You Health and Wellness  we know you are not your pain but we also know pain can rule your life effecting your moods, your relationships, your work, basically…everything.  Our multifaceted treatment approach will be unlike any other you have experienced which is exactly what you need if everything else you experienced hasn’t helped.

Plantar Fascitis

Morton’s Neuroma

Foot or Ankle Pain

Lower Leg Pain

Shin Splints

Achilles Tendonitis

Knee Pain (Even if you have been told it’s Bone on Bone)

What We Treat...

Hip pain

IT Band Pain

Low Back Pain/Disc Issues

Pelvic Pain ( Pelvic Pain Info HERE)

SI Joint Pain


Upper Back Pain

Neck pain/stiffness

Arthritis in any joint

Shoulder Pain/ Rotator Cuff/Impingement

Arm or Forearm Pain

Elbow (Tendonitis)

Hand (Carpal Tunnel/Joint Pain)



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