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At New You Health and Wellness we are dedicated to creating the best experience for our patients as they are working towards optimizing their health and wellness. Our goal is to help you stay active, feel amazing and live your best life.

We understand that being healthy can also be costly as insurance doesn’t cover certain treatments that you have found invaluable to reaching your health goals. So we want to make it a bit less stressful on the pocketbook to continue to have access to at least monthly treatments to help you remain active and optimize your overall wellbeing.

Therefore as of October 1st, 2023 we are starting our monthly membership program.

For 79.00 a month, this entitles you as an current monthly member* to be have access to 20% off of our treatments and services. See any exclusions below.

In addition this membership fee when you were enrolled in the previous month, you will be able to access your choice of one of the following:

-30-minute maintenance session with Softwave device on a muscle or joint already treated and in the maintenance phase of treatment. Normally 100.00

-30-minute Therapeutic massage for a musculoskeletal issue

-30-minute personal exercise training session by a licensed professional or certified personal trainer.

-30-minute Stretch session by a licensed professional or certified personal trainer.

The 79.00 charge is not valid for maintenance plans related to sexual health treatments or functional medicine appointments, but it can be applied to one of those treatments in a valid membership month to reduce the point of service cost. However, the monthly membership allows 20% off these sessions without the need for packages. Call 414 299 8121 for more details.

  • Note: A reassessment fee of 50.00 applies with a new diagnosis or area that hasn’t been treated in the 3 previous months will apply. This still results in a decrease from the regular price of a normal treatment of a new area. Value 150.00, your price 129.00 (79.00 plus 50.00 reassessment or new area to be assessed)
  • Currently and for a limited time, a one time 20.00 administration fee is waived with this special offer.

Click HERE to start your membership program today or call 414 299 8121 with additional questions or to sign up over the phone. We look forward to helping you stay active, feel healthy and live your best life. OR you can use QR code below because we are so techy 🙂

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