Stacey Roberts PT, MBA, MSN, RN

(Physical Therapist and Holistic Registered Nurse)

Since 1990, Stacey Roberts has specialized in outpatient orthopedics, sports medicine, acute and chronic pain related to joints and muscles, pelvic health, and sexual health. Now, as a master’s trained registered nurse, she combines her successful physical therapy skills, master’s of nursing education with a holistic approach and expanded her practice at New You Health and Wellness with services dedicated to helping people feel better and be active longer.

Combining her knowledge of functional medicine, conventional medicine and complementary medicine with her musculoskeletal treatment expertise, Roberts utilizes advanced technology such as Softwave (a type of advanced true Shockwave therapy) in addition to her hands on treatment approach that has helped hundreds of patients after everything else failed.  Over the years, she has developed more comprehensive treatment programs related to optimal eating plans to address inflammation, effective, streamlined supplementation programs, and developing exercise and stress management programs to help thousands of women and men decrease or eliminate pain and achieve their health goals. But wait there’s more 🙂 in her upcoming book (due out Jan 2025) she has developed her Pain Free Formula that combines optimization of the gut joint axis, hormone levels, and modulation of inflammation to knock out pain for the long term. She has written 3 hard copy books and 7 ebooks on women’s health and hormones. Ms Roberts has mentored over 100 medical professionals in her women’s health and couples fertility training program developed in 2016.  She is principle investigator of the first of its kind pelvic health study.

From 2016- 2020 Ms Roberts has been an associate clinical professor at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s Physical Therapy doctoral program and is currently an instructor at Herman and Wallace, a renowned Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute.   In 2021,  New You Health and Wellness, a cash-based clinic, bringing her knowledge of wellness, hormone health and musculoskeletal health to treating patients with issues related to perimenopause, menopause, thyroid and adrenal issues, fertility issues, musculoskeletal pain, sexual health, and pelvic health, was born. 

In her free time 🙂 Stacey obtained an MBA in 2019 prior to a master’s of nursing and will complete a Nurse Practitioner certificate in 2025. 

Stacey has also appeared on World News Now in New York, was featured on Oprah, locally on TMJ4’s Morning Blend and on several news shows and radio stations in the US and Australia.