“I came to see Stacey at New For You in February for an embarrassing problem with random bladder leakage.  Stacey handled this potentially embarrassing issue with compassion and made me feel at ease explaining my issue.  Prior to seeing Stacey, I had gotten bladder mesh surgery in September of 2019 with the hope to rectify the problem.  Unfortunately, this surgery was not successful and after 2 office visits to my doctor, it seemed additional surgery was the only option.  Instead of having further surgery, I was fortunate to see Stacey!   Within 5 sessions this embarrassing random leakage issue has been significantly reduced, and I can exercise and play with my grandchildren without worries, so much so, that I am no longer contemplating surgery.  I am so fortunate to find  New For You and I wouldn’t hesitate to see her again if I experience problems in the future.”

Lizbeth R.

“I had been experiencing pelvic pain for at least five years and just assumed it would never get better and I would never enjoy myself.  I had seen a Physical Therapist  and had their treatment for eight weeks that relieved the pain a bit, but it was not a long term solution. After seeing Stacey at New You, I learned about the Softwave technology and the holistic program at New You  I was amazed by the progress after just a few short sessions and it has maintained over time with no regression.  I have gotten to a point where no pain exists and I am very happy to have found New You. Thank you!”


“When I contacted Stacey at New You Health and Wellness, I couldn’t put more than a few pounds of weight on my left foot (overnight woke up like this!). After the first treatment I walked out without pain! After 3 treatments I am back on the treadmill and couldn’t be happier! Just ran 2.5 miles NO PAIN! As a result of her holistic treatment program and evaluation, she has helped get rid of my 10+ year chronic hip pain. I didn’t know if I would be able to get back to my fitness goals but as a result of Softwave therapy, her manual therapy and other wellness recommendations I am now back to running with no pain in my feet and my hip feels great. Beyond appreciative of her expertise and guidance!”

Nisha G.

“I was in a position where my hamstring was just not getting better because of football and I did not know what to do. Ms. Roberts showed me why it wasn’t getting better and gave me several tips and stretches to do that have helped me get back on the field. Now I have full confidence in my hamstring because of her.”

Max C.