Stacey Roberts PT, MBA, MSN, RN

Stacey Roberts
Stacey Roberts PT, MBA, MSN, RN
(Physical Therapist and Holistic Registered Nurse)
Imagine a healthcare journey where your unique story is the heart of the treatment plan. That’s the approach Stacey Roberts, PT, MSN, RN, takes as she blends a rich tapestry of expertise in functional medicine, physical therapy, nursing, and complimentary medicine to craft strategies that are as unique as you are.With Stacey, you’re not just another appointment on the calendar; you’re a partner in a dance toward optimal health, where she utilizes high-tech treatments like Softwave therapy, evidence-based testing and treatment programs combining the most up-to-date strategies and timeless holistic practices. Since 1990, she’s been the compass guiding patients through the landscapes of pain reduction, improved vitality, weight loss, hormone optimization, and addressing gut health issues.

Venturing from the academic halls of Marquette University to the sunny shores of Australia, and then back to the Milwaukee area, Stacey has created sanctuaries of healing. Her telehealth services, launched in 2009, mean your path to wellness knows no boundaries. This visionary approach to health saw her thrive as the owner of a wellness clinic overseas dedicated to the intricacies of women’s health and hormones, and the complex symphony of fertility. Upon moving back to the Milwaukee from Australia she combined her knowledge physical therapy techniques, and complimentary therapies to address all aspects of living your best and healthiest life.

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter care plans; with Stacey, each solution is an example  precision healthcare, tailored to you.

Stacey’s library of knowledge extends beyond her clinical prowess. She’s a published author, a mentor to over a hundred medical professionals, and a former associate clinical professor. Her upcoming book, “The Pain-Free Formula,” is poised to be a beacon for those seeking solace from pain without surgery or drugs.

With a story that includes features on World News Now, Oprah, and numerous Australian media, Stacey’s expertise isn’t just recognized—it’s celebrated.

So if you’re ready for a healthcare experience that listens deeply, cares genuinely, and adapts innovatively, let Stacey Roberts and the professionals at New You Health and Wellness be your guide. It’s time to discover the ‘new you’—healthy, happy, and holistically healed.


Stacey Roberts PT, RN, MSN
30+ years of experience helping patients achieve their health goals.
Author of The Pain Free Formula:  A Holistic Approach to Finally Getting Rid of Joint Pain Without Surgery, Drugs, or Injections. (Release Spring 2024).
Musculoskeletal Specialist
Pelvic and Sexual Health PT
Functional Medicine Specialist
Featured on ABC NEWS:  “New You Health and Wellness at the Forefront of Chronic Pain Research and Relief”