Stephanie Irizarry

Stephanie Irizarry
Stephanie Irizarry – Office Manager
Meet Stephanie Irizarry, the organizational powerhouse and first ray of sunshine greeting you at New You Health and Wellness. As the Office Manager, Stephanie is the maestro of the clinic’s daily symphony, ensuring each piece moves in harmony from the front office to the final note of your visit.
Stephanie’s day is woven with a tapestry of tasks that keep the clinic’s heart beating: meticulous scheduling, seamless patient coordination, and a masterful touch that keeps everything humming along flawlessly. She’s not just an office manager; she’s a caretaker of time, a guardian of efficiency, and the bridge connecting every patient to the care they need.  With a rich history of managing healthcare facilities, Stephanie brings a seasoned hand to the wheel of New You Health and Wellness.
Her expertise is not just in managing clinics but in nurturing the human connection that makes healthcare healing.  She revels in the joy of working with patients, of being the reassuring voice and welcoming smile that eases their journey to health.
For Stephanie, it’s not just about appointments and administration; it’s about crafting an atmosphere where patients feel cared for and valued from the moment they step through the door.
In Stephanie’s hands, your experience at New You Health and Wellness is more than just a visit; it’s a seamless passage into a world where wellness is the destination, and your journey is just beginning.