Do you feel constantly fatigued? If you answered yes it’s possible that you have less than optimal function of your adrenals.

The adrenal gland plays a critical role in producing the hormones that our body’s need in order to stay healthy, fully of energy, and less stressed.. If you have been recently diagnosed with an adrenal issue, contact New You Health and Wellness to learn about your treatment options.

Our goal at New You Health and Wellness is to deliver life-changing results by eliminating fatigue or other symptoms related to less than optimal hormone balance including help with thyroid and adrenal issues. Are you ready to reclaim your life? Contact our Wauwatosa, WI clinic today!

What are the adrenal glands?

According to MedlinePlus, your adrenal glands are two small organs located on top of each kidney. The adrenal glands produce various hormones that are required for survival and health. Hormones are chemicals that travel through your bloodstream and control how various parts of your body function.

Cortisol, aldosterone, adrenaline, and noradrenaline are hormones produced by the adrenal glands. They also produce hormones that your body can use to generate sex hormones, including estrogen and testosterone. All of these hormones play critical roles, including:

  • Converting food into energy and controlling blood sugar levels
  • Maintaining normal blood pressure
  • Responding to stress and illness
  • Helping pregnancy develop
  • Normalizing weight
  • Controlling when and how quickly a child develops sexually

Adrenal glands commonly cause health problems by producing too little or too much of certain hormones, resulting in less than optimal hormone balance.

What are some of the most common types of adrenal disorders?

Your adrenal glands can be affected by a variety of conditions. According to Cleveland Clinic, some of the most common are:

  • Adrenal insufficiency, also known as Addison’s disease. You don’t produce enough cortisol and/or aldosterone when you have this disorder.
  • Cushing’s disease. Cortisol levels are abnormally high in this disorder.

These are medical disorders diagnosed by your doctor. However many people do not have these medical issues but do have less than optimal fluctuation of cortisol, an adrenal hormone that helps you deal with stress. Issues with cortisol being too high or too low in certain parts of the day can create fatigue, anxiety, nervousness, sleep issues, hair loss, skin disorders or even contribute to thyroid issues.

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Functional medicine is a comprehensive approach to improving daily function, energy, vitality, and hormone health. It accomplishes this largely without the use of pharmaceutical drugs, injections, or surgery. Functional medicine focuses on your lifestyle, eating plan, supplements, and getting to the root of your problem.

At New You Health and Wellness, we are proud to provide holistic solutions to patients in need. If you’re curious how hormone therapy and functional medicine can improve your adrenal health, contact our Wauwatosa, WI office today!

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