Are you living with a thyroid condition such as hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism? Or are you tired all the time and can’t lose weight and wondering if it’s your thyroid that is the issue.

Seeing our functional medicine practitioners at our Wauwatose, WI clinic, is the first step to finding relief from thyroid-related symptoms, eliminating fatigue, increasing energy, improving stamina, improving hair growth, and losing weight if necessary. Contact New You Health and Wellness in Wauwatosa, WI to learn more about your treatment options.

All about thyroid health

Your thyroid gland creates and produces hormones that regulate many different systems in your body. Thyroid issues occur when your thyroid produces too many or too few essential hormones.

Your thyroid plays a vital role in your body by releasing and controlling thyroid hormones, which regulate metabolism. Metabolism is the process by which the food you consume in your body is converted into energy. This energy is used throughout your body to keep many of your body’s systems functioning properly.

When your thyroid isn’t working correctly, it can affect the rest of your body. Hyperthyroidism occurs when your body produces an excessive amount of thyroid hormone. Hypothyroidism occurs when your body produces insufficient thyroid hormone. Hashimoto’s disease is a common cause of hypothyroidism.

Thyroid issues are widespread, with an estimated 20 million Americans suffering from some form of thyroid disorder. A woman is five to eight times more likely than a man to be diagnosed with a thyroid condition.

How can we help?

At New You Health and Wellness our functional medicine practitioners can help you optimize thyroid function and work with you whether you are already on thyroid medication or not.

You may have been to your doctor already who said your thyroid is fine but you are still having symptoms that are typically related to less than optimal thyroid health such as low moods, weight gain, low energy, hair falling out, sore muscles and joints, dry skin or constipation. Chances are your thyroid is functioning less than optimally even if you are taking thyroid hormones. Your functional medicine practitioner can help you address these symptoms to make your thyroid medication more effective or hopefully avoid starting a medication all together although sometimes thyroid hormone replacement is unavoidable.

Keep in mind a “normal” result when it comes to your thyroid hormones is not necessarily optimal for you.

Call New You Health and Wellness today to schedule an appointment and learn more about the benefits of functional medicine for combatting symptoms of thyroid conditions.

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