Foot Pain Relief

Are you looking for a long-lasting remedy for foot or heel pain? We get how challenging it might be to go about your regular routines if you have foot or heel pain as a result of an injury or overuse.

Simple actions like getting out of bed, standing or walking might become incredibly painful. Many people go to physical therapy for these issues and get minimal or no relief or the relief they do get doesn’t last long. But that ends at New You Health and Wellness. Foot and heel pain relief is just around the corner due to our unique approach and cutting edge technology.

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Common foot pain conditions

You could be suffering from foot pain for a variety of reasons. A foot injury can cause pain that ranges from mild to excruciating. Foot pain relief for these conditions does not have to entail costly surgeries or medications. You can begin with our unique physical therapy approach!

While some foot pain occurs suddenly as a result of an acute injury, it can also develop gradually as a result of a chronic underlying condition.

According to the Mayo Clinic, common causes of foot pain include, but are not limited to, the following conditions:

Tarsal tunnel syndrome

When the tarsal tunnel (the nerve that runs from the ankle to the foot) becomes pinched and painfully inflamed, this happens. Sharp, shooting pains, “pins and needles” sensations, and burning sensations in the feet are all symptoms.


Arthritis is a common inflammatory condition that affects joints and causes foot pain. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the most common types. Both types of arthritis can have a significant impact on the foot and ankle joints. Arthritis can affect people of all ages.


A fracture occurs when the bone is subjected to excessive force or trauma, causing it to crack or break completely. A foot or ankle fracture could necessitate weeks of rest to ensure proper healing. This is a medical emergency and needs immediate treatment at your urgent care or hospital.

Plantar fasciitis

Inflammation of the connective tissue (fascia) on the bottom of the foot causes plantar fasciitis. This might happen as a result of wear and tear, such as prolonged standing, poor posture, very tight calf muscles or poor footwear.

Strains and sprains

Sprains and strains occur frequently, and they are often confused with one another! A sprain happens when a ligament is overstretched or torn, whereas a strain happens when a muscle or tendon is overstretched. Both of these injuries should be evaluated by a medical professional to ensure that no long-term damage occurs.


Bursitis occurs when the tendons rub against the anti-friction sacs known as “bursae,” causing irritation and discomfort. This condition can also affect your elbow, shoulder, and hip, but it can also affect your foot and heel.

Fallen arches (overpronation)

Several muscle tendons work together to form the arch of your foot. When appropriate stability your foot will form a proper arch. If the calf is too tight or there was trauma to the foot or even during and after a pregnancy due to ligaments become loose due to hormones common in pregnancy a “fallen arch” or “flat foot,” can occur. This eventually can cause pain or discomfort in the long run.


Overuse of the tendons can result in tendonitis, a condition in which they become inflamed over time. Even simple tasks, such as walking to the end of the driveway to check the mail, can be difficult with tendinitis. This condition can become chronic and excruciatingly painful over time, exacerbating the situation.

Finding foot pain relief in Wauwatosa, WI with physical therapy

To increase joint mobility, balance, and foot muscle strength, our unique treatment plans often involve specialized hands-on manual therapy techniques, biomechanical analysis exercises, and our cutting edge advanced Softwave technology that has been shown to help decrease foot and heel pain faster than other modalities and typical physical therapy in research studies. .

We’ll make every effort to reduce your foot and heel pain and restore your function so you can get back to your favorite activities.

Our physical therapy clinic in Wauwatosa, WI can help if you or a loved one is experiencing foot or heel pain. We’ll work hard to get you up and running again as quickly as we can.

Before creating a customized treatment plan for your rehabilitation during your initial appointment, our physical therapist will perform a thorough assessment to identify the cause of your foot discomfort.

We will frequently review your treatment plan and may suggest lifestyle adjustments or orthotics to prevent future difficulties or re-injury.

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You should be able to move around freely and without pain! New You Health and Wellness will help you regain mobility, comfort, and overall function while removing painful restrictions.

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