Peyronie’s Disease

Have you been recently diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease (PD)? Are you experiencing curved, painful erections? At New You Health and Wellness, we understand how difficult and frustrating this condition can be.

When you visit our clinic, you will gain access to our innovative treatment with SoftWave Technology, the most effective form of Shockwave Therapy, which has been shown to resolve the pain associated with PD.

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What is PD?

According to Mayo Clinic, PD is a noncancerous condition caused by fibrous scar tissue that forms on the penis and causes curved, painful erections.

This may prevent you from having sex or make it difficult for you to obtain or maintain an erection. PD causes stress and anxiety in many men. Another common concern is penile shortening.

PD does not usually go away on its own. Most men with PD will see their condition worsen or remain the same. Early treatment, soon after the onset of the condition, may prevent it from worsening or even improve symptoms. Even if you’ve had the condition for a while, treatment may help alleviate annoying symptoms like pain, curvature, and penile shortening.

What symptoms should I look out for?

The most common signs and symptoms of PD include:

  • A bent or curved penis.
  • Painful erections or difficulty becoming erect (soft erections).
  • Difficulty engaging in sex.

PD can worsen your quality of life. Many men report feeling stress, anxiety, or feelings of insecurity related to their PD. Some men are even too embarrassed to contact a healthcare provider for help. Our Shockwave therapy can help. At New You Health and Wellness we offer cutting edge electrohydraulic Shockwave therapy that has been shown to significantly decrease the pain associated with PD and you will be instructed on what you can do to improve the curvature as well.

You deserve access to comprehensive treatment. Don’t choose to suffer in silence– especially not when help is available at New You Health and Wellness.

Contact our Wauwatosa, WI clinic today to gain access to our advanced SoftWave technology. We can help relieve the painful symptoms associated with PD. All that’s standing between you and relief is a phone call.

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