Are you tired of the persistent cycles of psoriasis and traditional medicines’ “medication only” solution? Have you wondered what your triggers are and how to resolve them? At New You Health and Wellness in Wauwatosa, WI, our practitioners emphasize digging deeper to find the variables limiting your progress that traditional medicine often ignores. 

Psoriasis is a lifelong condition affecting the immune system and is typically cyclical. It can range from mild to severe and typically includes flare-ups with heightened symptoms. This condition causes flaky patches on the skin and, in most cases, causes scales to form on the skin.

Although the typical treatment is a strong medication to reduce the flare-ups, rarely is the goal to find the root cause of the factors influencing the condition itself. Fortunately, our functional medicine practitioners take a holistic approach and assess what is likely affecting your skin and how you can take control and get better naturally.  

Our goal is to help you live a healthier life, and our programs are designed to address your unique needs, no matter the diagnosis!

How can New You Health and Wellness help your psoriasis?

Psoriasis is often described as an autoimmune disease where your immune system is working overtime. This disorder causes new skin cells to replace themselves in days instead of weeks, resulting in old, dead cells piling up on the skin’s surface, causing red, itchy patches covered with silvery scales.

The standard treatment from traditional medicine is immune-suppressing drugs or steroids. These medications are certainly needed in severe cases, but they ignore the underlying causes of immune system dysfunction. Sometimes, a person’s flare-ups can be reduced or eliminated with a holistic approach. 

Some common environmental triggers of psoriasis symptoms include stress, diet, injuries to the skin, infections, and certain medications. Our functional medicine practitioners focus on the causes of health conditions like psoriasis instead of just treating the symptoms. 

When you consult with our functional medicine practitioners at New You Health and Wellness, we will conduct a thorough assessment, including your health history, current diet, stress levels, and other factors that may contribute to your condition.   We also use advanced technology to address the inflammation and pain caused by the psoriasis and significantly improve or eliminate the symptoms all together. 

Our practitioners work to ensure long-lasting solutions for your psoriasis. Our functional medicine approach helps you heal from the inside out!

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