Scarring is natural but that doesn’t mean it isn’t frustrating. When the body heals from a surgery or an injury, it is not uncommon for a scar to form. Depending on the area of scarring, this can lead to physical limitations and feelings of insecurity in a patient. Fortunately, there is a solution to treating scars with the help of physical therapy.

Our physical therapists can provide you with the care you need for helping address scarring . If you have scarring in an area that is uncomfortable for you don’t hesitate to contact New You Health and Wellness today.

How can I relieve my post-operative scarring?

It is important to note that there are several stages of scarring. Therefore, the way your scar looks now may not be how it will look once it is completely healed.

It is normal for a scar to become enlarged and redden in the first 4-6 weeks after a surgical procedure. This alarms many patients and is often mistaken for an infection. However, it is simply the body’s natural way of healing itself.

After this phase, the scar should become smaller or paler in the next 2-3 months. Once it is finally healed, the scar should become soft, and it may even return to your natural skin color.

Our physical therapists can help you speed up this healing process, so you do not have to wait several months for your scar to heal. Our Softwave Thrapy has been shown to decrease scarring. In addition, we can apply manual therapy techniques to decrease scarring such as


Massaging the scar

Our physical therapists are highly experienced in performing targeted massage to affected areas. Massage can help decrease the sensitivity you feel in the scarred area and loosen up the deep scar tissue. You can also help do this on your own by massaging over-the-counter natural creams onto the scar.

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