Personalized One on One Programs

Are you looking for a holistic approach to your health based on your unique needs? Have you grown tired of modern healthcare whose only remedy are pharmaceutical drugs instead of finding the best way for your body to function without drugs or minimize the amount that you would need to take for optimal health.  At New You Health and Wellness in Wauwatosa, WI, we work with your physician to develop the right program for you and our team is dedicated to you and your specific needs to ensure you get the results you deserve!

We offer safe and effective methods for identifying the root cause of your problem(s), including suggesting testing as deemed necessary. We will address all the essential factors contributing to your situation with comprehensive programs including advanced technology if applicable and recommendations for supplementation if necessary based on your needs. 

Our approach is based on the individual, meaning we design programs that are unique to you and only you. At New You Health and Wellness in Wauwatosa, WI, our one-on-one programs are designed to help you achieve your health and rehab objectives so that you may get back to living

We are dedicated to helping you!

Our physical therapy treatments and Functional Medicine programs aim to get to the root cause of your underlying issues and help you get back to optimal function. We’ll conduct a comprehensive evaluation that includes a thorough history of your condition and a physical assessment to ensure we identify all the factors influencing your specific problem. 

Your specialist will then devise a personalized treatment plan with intention and purpose. We come to work every day devoted to your well-being by providing the absolute best possible care so you can resolve your issues and get back to doing what you love. We rely on only the most up-to-date and advanced strategies for pain relief and lasting health benefits.

Our mission is to consistently provide life-changing results to everyone in Wauwatosa, WI who needs help managing pain, is recovering from an injury, want to feel better, expand their family or just want to be healthier and feel stronger. We never do the run-of-the-mill, general programs; instead, we tailor our treatments to your needs. Whether reducing fatigue, improving energy, reducing pain, or balancing your hormonal symptoms, our focus is always on optimizing function and helping you reach your health goals!

Your Next Steps…

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  3. Work Hard and Progress In Your Recovery

  4. Recover & Enjoy Life Pain-Free!