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Stacey Roberts

Since 1990 Stacey Roberts has been a physical therapist specializing in outpatient orthopedics and sports medicine.  From 2004-2017 Ms Roberts owned and operated a cash based health and wellness clinic on the Gold Coast of Australia specializing in  women’s health and hormones, and couples fertility. She began seeing patients via Telehealth in 2009.   

Combining her knowledge of functional medicine, conventional medicine and complementary medicine with her musculoskeletal treatment expertise, Roberts emphasizes lifestyle changes in addition to her hands on treatment programs.  This has included eating plan assessment, assessing supplementation programs, and developing exercise and stress management programs to help thousands of women and men achieve their health goals.  She has written 3 hard copy books and 7 ebooks on women’s health and couples fertility.  Ms Roberts has mentored over 100 medical professionals in her women’s health and couples fertility training program developed in 2016.   After returning to the United States, Stacey was hired by a national physical therapy company Aegis Therapies to assist in its growth and develop their orthopedic outpatient practice in Wisconsin.

From 2016- 2020 Ms Roberts has been an associate clinical professor at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s Physical Therapy doctoral program until opening New You Health and Wellness, a cash based clinic bringing her knowledge of wellness, hormone health and musculoskeletal health to treating patients with issues related to peri menopause, menopause, thyroid and adrenal issues,  fertility issues,  musculoskeletal injuries, sexual health and pelvic health.  

She is currently furthering her education by pursuing a master’s of nursing to eventually complete a Nurse Practitioner certificate and has recently completed her MBA.  

Stacey has also appeared on World News Now in New York, was featured on Oprah,  locally on TMJ4’s  Morning Blend and on several news shows and radio stations in Australia.

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